The Ultimate Fashion Show

Veröffentlicht am 17. Februar 2020

On Friday, 24th January 2020, we had a fashion show in our school’s cafeteria. The show was presented by our year 6. The topic of the show was “Clothes without money”. For this, we had designed clothes from old stuff in our Arts lessons with the help of Mrs Grote and the presenters had written an English text in their English lessons with the help of Mrs Hillebrand, Mr Heßling and Ms Entian to present their models and clothes.


All year 6 students and many parents came to watch our presentations.

Form 6a started. They had different groups with different topics like winter wonderland or summer feelings. After them, form 6b presented their clothes. They had topics like the 80s or Christmas. Form 6c even presented some dialogues that went with their clothes.

All in all, the clothes and themes were really great and wonderful and the fashion show was very funny and exciting!

written by Mirja, Leonie and Lea, form 6a

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